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  • Bridges your Data
    Software interoperability
    The data integration is resolved by implementing software BD-BRIDGE modules
    between incompatible software, digital equipment and databases.
  • Homogenize Data Models
    Migrations & Conversions
    Having the right data at your fingertips.
    Each native data transferred are selected, identified and qualified transparently
    for your own specialty and purpose.
  • Data Governance Capability
    Data Security & Regulation
    Each data transfer is identified after a secure verification and qualification process.
    The guaranty of the data synchronization between operational applications in an
    inter-enterprise international context.
  • Adexflow Inside
    Workflow Integration
    Realtime Data Exchanges OEM solutions for digital equipment and sensors.
    New technology platforms such as IOT, satellite communications, 5G and 6G
    to be introduced with no impact or risk to the system.
Your data are significant and valuable! Let keep them private!

Adopt High Secure Digital Information Shipments Services for Professionals

More Powerful your digital exchange solution is
better your data value will be

Improve data communications within your digital applications

Implement flexible software modules to exchange selected digital data


Digital interoperability leading to Digital trading exchange opportunity


Performance is reached when data can be exchanged
Flexible, Adaptable and Accessible data interfaces
Existing software and methodology capability enhancements - Keyboarding, Error and Time cuts


The real Digital Value is known only during exchanges
Qualitative: Identification - Registration - Follow-up
Patrimonial: Encryption - IP protection - Sovereignty
Sell & Buy: Real time digital data exchanges rating


Verification - Qualification
Regulatory Compliance - Comparison - Historic
Standards and Regulation Rules Management
Bi-Directional exchanges - Catalog links


Better to identify and to protect when data are entering
Firewall rules related to user and data recognition
Data exchanges qualified by regulation database
Encrypted data shipping and tracking


Only Selected and Seeded Data Exchanged
Data Storage and Flow Optimization
Iteration Process Reduction
Energy Consumption Improvement


For companies want to hardness the digital evolution with new approach!
Against the spread of digital technology, the industry knows an important critical path, affecting its major projects, identified by the rapid evolution of computing technologies. This development leads to the instability of industrial methods, the obsolescence of its information heritage, the loss of backward-engineering capacity, the difficulty of exchanging information, the difficulty of accurately identifying its data, an inability to validate and qualify its industrial systems, a brake on innovation. This can result in a loss of its know-how, a loss of profitability and efficiency, the failure of its production, the dissatisfaction of its employees.
Adexflow International has developed a new technology and a software component that makes it possible to build a modular, reliable, secure, efficient information chain within industrial projects that meets the specific needs of the customer’s projects.
The knowledge base function of BD-BRIDGE is used to link-in and define the specific regulations and standards that are to be adhered to between countries and specify the different standards and regulations that must be followed by the owner but also automatically convert the data to the foreign country standards and regulations that are carrying out the project. BD-BRIDGES ensures efficiencies are always maintained as it allows country organisations to keep using their applications, tools, templates and standards that they are familiar with. BD-BRIDGE takes care of the rest. It automatically converts the data and applies the destination countries standards/regulations to the data. Re-creating the data effortlessly and all validated.
BD-BRIDGE provides a modular data exchange solution for the supply chain with strong information security and data management without having to impose expensive training and licensing costs onto suppliers. Vendor, machine and sensor agnostic, BD-BRIDGE supports all systems and guarantees data governance across the supply chain and all data complies with sharing and usage laws as well as any other legal liabilities.
With its built-in data verification module, BD-BRIDGE is constantly validating the data with every transaction in the eco-system, providing enormous value to industrial and its supply chain as BD-BRIDGE quickly detects any errors in design, materials and manufacturing.
This new approach introduces into the data exchange system the principle of the Trusted Third Party which will make it possible to qualify each of data transactions by applying the standards and regulations in force in each of the situations, sectors of activity and countries. Within industrial projects, a modular, reliable, secure and efficient information chain that meets the specific needs of the projects. By providing persuasive evidence for each digital transactions, BD-BRIDGE provides the most import means to ensure the integrity and the security of digital transactions
Audit, Change Management, Data Governance - BD-BRIDGE is used as a data management tool by managing data transfer exchanges and revisions, it provides a secure historical audit database of all data exchanges between parties including communications relating to data in emails. Automatic security and data governance is applied based on enterprise rules ensuring data is constantly verified and sovereign private data is not accidently sent to parties.
Data transactions

Real time digital data rating based on the nature, qualification,  expire date and demands of the data content

Regulation & Security

Provide a digital bi directional bridge between the government regulation and industry operations and implementations

Sage Automation Manufacturing
BD-BRIDGE inside:an embedded solution to make industrial product communicating with customer systems.

N4 Civeaux

The nuclear the formal safety verification and reports through digital data exchanges control between specialties.


Only a powerful data exchange system overcomes the incredible technical challenges.


The construction of submarines requires numerous data exchanges between specialties.


Keyboarding reducing, Direct access databases avoid, where data exchanges are needed
Be Safe, avoid direct connections

Update Databases

BD-BRIDGE takes over and qualify data imports and exports as a firewall
Your necessary data together

Data Aggregation

Select your own desired data model to aggregate data from different incompatible sources
Convert data to country standards

International data exchanges

Be involved in International projects by Keeping you working environement and methodolgy
Complete technical and financial data workflow

Data distribution

Use the combination of several BD-BRIDGE modules to create a complete data exchange system between the design, the project management, the engineering, the training, the documentation creation and materials and financial databases.
Getting analytic results from data exchanging metadata

Data exchange supervision

Having the information of data exchanged put analytic in a higer level
Reverse engineering and Migration

Data Migration

Reverse engineering and Migration
Use data stored on an old digital system or for an anterior project to start a new one with a new digital environment.
Maintain coherence between derived digital systems

Adaptation & Revision

To maintain a coherence between diffent version of an equipement fabicated in different countries
Follow the data life cycle

Fields of applications

The bi directional data exchnage capability synchronize recusive data exchanges between specialities and project phases
Reduce energy consommation

Green Application

Only necessary data are exchanged, duplicated data are avoid, given a data flow and data storage oprimization


OEM BD-BRIDGE module, Sofware application, Cient-Server, SaaS Platform







Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform

Organized into the group's business model of extended entreprises, our high expertise is completed, to answer specificaltly to your need, by our worldwild alliance and partnership engagements.

In Digital We Trust


is providing adapted software solutions to exchange digital data by covering the digital interoperability problems adapted to your existing digital environment. The confidentiality of your native data and the control over the exchange process guarantee your soveriegnty and your security. The non destructive integration of our ssolution is focused to preserve and increase your digital patrimonial value sustainably.


Meet With Our Awesome Team.

The Adexflow Group is organized arround International offcies implemented in North America, Oceania-Asia and Europe. Covering the main time zones, Adexflow took the extended company business model and can be able to rely to more than 20 partners the expertise of different domains to cover our customer demands.



Adexflow Australia provides Adexflow products, local services for Gouvernments, International companies, Industrial compnaies and the supply chain. The main reponsability of the team is to facilitate the digital data communication to improve the Austrlian industry capcbilites by maintening the Comonwelth sovereignty



Parent office the Adexflow group, Adexflow Canada covers the hudge business activity of North America. A majoor player for the IT of the defense sector, Adexflow Canada is mainteniang a dynamic Research & Development activity.



Representative office, Adexflow France with a major digital implementation expertise for the most critical European industries since 2005, can provide a very good commercial contact and provide dedicated service for indsutrial project. Good entry point for exportation purposes.



Inovative Solutions speeding up enterprises transition



An AI-Powered Text Analytics Platform for Customer Feedback Analysis

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