Bridges for your data

AdexFlow International is a software company specializing in information management that designs, distributes and integrates software applications. We have released BD-Bridge® technology, an innovative solution for migrating heterogeneous data during industrial projects. Based in Montreal, Canada and in Paris, France, the company operates internationally in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Introducing BD Bridge® technology

Through fundamental research, Adexflow International has developed an innovative technology solution enabling the intelligent migration of technical data between applications that would otherwise be incompatible.


The African continent did not yet know ADEXFLOW, it’s from now on done! A first bridge is built from ADEXFLOW to South of Africa, linking the ADEXFLOW’s savoir-faire with the BD-BRIDGE technology and South African companies participating to all amazing construction projects to develop the country...

Second most important industrial of USA, Chicago concentrates the most business activities exposed, every day, to the data exchange and data management problems.

Adexflow was invited by 1871, the Entrepreneurial Centre in Chicago “par excellence”, to participate to a tour. It was the oppo...

Nova Scotia is the Canadian extreme east land.
Adexflow was invited by the French Chamber of Commerce to participate to the first Business Convention gather businessman from Maritimes provinces and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon together. This convention was running through its president’s atte...

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